Tuesday, December 05, 2006

One hundred and fifty custom made Mexican wrestling masks showed up today. Really, this is the wedding planning detail we are most excited about. Actually, it is the ONLY wedding planning detail we are excited about. Do we have tablecloths? No. Silverware? No. Centerpieces? No. Flowers? No. A wedding cake? No. A tux picked out? No.

But wrestling masks? Hell yes.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The priest who is marrying us, Father Z, is very very awesome, and very very Polish. We dropped by the rectory for what we thought would be a twenty minute conversation about the rehearsal - he ended up inviting us to dinner, which consisted of about five different incredibly filling dishes, which he just kept feeding us, and refused to stop. Seriously. At one point, I tried to ward off another helping of hunter's stew, and Fr. Z turned to John Baby and said "John!" "Yes?" "Feel her belly! Is it tight like drum?"

As it turns out, yes, my belly was tight like drum, so I was granted a reprieve. John Baby, on the other hand, just had to keep eating.